Varsity Blues (or IT BEGINS! #100)

So this is it.

The first of my 100+ movies is finally in the books. Varsity Blues.

I have to admit, it took a bit to grow on me. And with good reason.

I hated the coach, and the “football is the only thing in your lives ever, so die for me” attitude around his “universe.” And that’s the point.

You HAVE to hate him. You HAVE to be conflicted–it’s the importance of football and the significance of team versus the insane regime of a closed-minded dictator. Without that, you don’t really have a movie. You just have a sports documentary. You have SoundFX on NFL Network.

You have to be invested in the team and their journey while hating the coach that calls the shots and takes the credit. And in case you weren’t sure how you were supposed to feel, the “grade review” part was thrown in as a neon middle finger.

I’m a little surprised at the ending, giving you the satisfaction you didn’t expect. And I’m even more disappointed that nothing else was told about what happened after that game. But all in all, it was a very solid sports movie.

“I think that’s a pig, Billy Bob.”

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