Birthday on the Way

Well, my Year of 100 Movies did not pan out. However, I can keep myself organized on a number of things….including birthday freebies. My [more…]

Free to Stream Channels

Upon careful research, I’ve discovered the following channels are available for streaming online for free, in their entirety (with a few blackout exceptions). Some [more…]
cat with mic

Summer TV Watching

Shows I need to watch: TURN (AMC) Defiance (Syfy) Mad Men (AMC) Game of Thrones (HBO) Sons of Anarchy (FX) Breaking Bad (Showtime?) The [more…]
beanie turtles

Another Listing of Online TV Channels

Thanks to the Roku Guide, I’m slowly uncovering more channels to watch online. Animal Planet L!ve: ¬†¬†Features live animal cams and on-demand TV Show [more…]
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New Online Discoveries

Well, it looks like I can add a few more names to the “Don’t Need Cable or Satellite to Watch” list. C-SPAN C-SPAN2 C-SPAN3 [more…]

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